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Jai Bliss Drops Summer Hit "My Man (The Boy is Mine)" and Teams Up with Curlygen for the Remix

Perth Amboy, New Jersey, has birthed a musical gem in the form of the multi-talented Jai Bliss. The model and rapper, now based in Austin, Texas, is making a statement with her recent release, "My Man (The Boy is Mine)," which hit the scene on August 4th. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of east coast hip-hop, 2000's R&B, and Dirty South Rap, Jai Bliss masterfully weaves a nostalgic thread by sampling the timeless Brandy & Monica classic, "The Boy is Mine." But the excitement doesn't stop there; Jai Blissrecently teamed up with the fierce New Jersey female rapper Curlygen for a remix that dropped just yesterday on August 12th.

Curlygen's magnetic presence on the "My Man (The Boy is Mine)" remix is nothing short of electrifying. Known for her dynamic energy and lyrical prowess, Curlygen proves she's a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world. Her seamless collaboration with Jai Bliss adds an extra layer of intensity to an already scorching track.

For those who have been following the rising star's journey, Curlygen's recent IG content collaborations with the viral “Speak up” New Jersey artist "is0kenny" might ring a bell. With her bold and unapologetic style, Curlygen captures the essence of the track's themes, matching the passion and flair brought by Jai Bliss.

And of course, the internet wouldn’t be the internet without the fans doing a little investigating to dissect the possible inspiration behind "My Man (The Boy is Mine)." While Jai Bliss hasn't explicitly confirmed it, eagle-eyed journalists and fans speculate that the track could be a nod to her significant other, Austin-based rapper "DreTheGr8." In a recent Instagram post, Jai Bliss hinted that the song has been tucked away in her drafts, suggesting that it’s old to her but new to her fans. As listeners immerse themselves in the fiery remix, we have high hopes that this is a precursor for a lot more new music from Jai Bliss in the near future. Both the original track and the blazing remix are now available on all streaming platforms.

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