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Flyana Boss Unleashes Highly-Anticipated EP "Make It A Double" with Infectious Swagger

The long-awaited EP from the talented rap duo, Flyana Boss, didn't disappoint. The project titled "Make It A Double," has finally arrived, creating a buzz in the music scene. Opening with the track "You Wish," it delivers a saucy and playful blast of defiant swagger that exudes vivaciousness and audacity.

"You Wish" showcases the charismatic persona of both ladies, riding on an addictive 808 beat crafted by prodigious producers Ellrod, Marky Style, and Puda Beats. It's an assertive and vibrant display of self-assured audacity, captivating listeners with every note.

With clever and delightfully irreverent lyrics, Flyana Boss weaves a tapestry of cheeky bravado, daring anyone to challenge their dominance. The track even cleverly name-drops celebrities like Danny Glover, Nicki Minaj, Nelly, Michael Phelps, and even Dr. Evil, emphasizing her prowess, wealth, and fame while subtly poking fun at rivals and haters.

The infectious and repetitive chorus, "Get like me? Nah, you wish," perfectly encapsulates the essence of this anthem. It's a taunting mantra that asserts that no one can imitate her unique style and presence.

Embracing a fun and energetic approach, "You Wish" doesn't take itself too seriously, even while showcasing the artist's exceptional skills. The track fearlessly explores explicit content, proudly flaunting sexual confidence and power. Notably, the artists also challenges gender norms, contributing to the ongoing conversation surrounding female empowerment in hip-hop.

"You Wish" by this talented femcee duo is a fresh and instantly classic track, blending catchy elements with her signature style. With its vibrant energy and infectious charisma, it sets the stage for the highly-anticipated EP "Make It A Double" and solidifies their position as an emerging force in the music industry.

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