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DloMickey Puts His Heart In New Single

St. Louis artist DloMickey joins or pages for the first time with an emotion tugging single, 'Save Me'. This is an anthem for the mental health of artists. A lot of people overlook the issues the people who make the music have. Those lyrics that make you feel in your dark times come from a dark place. Musicians are people too.

DloMickey touches on how a lot of artists cry for help in their songs but no one understands. He touches on personal subjects that we can relate to like losing people, relationship problems, feeling alone when your with people that you love. Its hard to live inside your head with no escape. Pay attention to the people around you, before its too late. This artist has a way with making you feel and believe what your hearing, which is a rare thing. Its good to see artists like DloMickey and Rod Wave making splashes with emotional content. Check out the track below and follow him on all platforms @dlomickey

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