Jay Greene Swings A Dope Cut Our Way Called "Ginsu"

WARNING: Be careful of sharp objects during this article. Jay Greene drops major bars on his track "Ginsu". For those who may not know, Ginsu knives are known worldwide for its durability and never needing to be sharpened. Now the title to the track should make sense. With a name like that, this track definitely doesn't disappoint with the bars. Greene crafted this song well.

Jay Greene has bars and he knows it. This track is riddled with metaphors that will get you hype. With a mix of modern and old school style, Greene creates a timeless banger.This is something I can see a whole bunch of break dancers holding a dope battle to this. There's definitely a refreshing nostalgic air about this one that get you hooked. Follow Jay Greene everywhere @jgreene4real

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