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Boosie Badazz Recounts Pimp C's Impactful Intervention: From Jail Release to Lasting Mentorship

Boosie Badazz recently shared a touching account of how the late rap legend, Pimp C, came to his rescue and secured his release from jail when he was just a teenager. During an interview with Sway's Universe, the Baton Rouge rapper expressed his deep appreciation for Pimp C and recounted the significant impact he had on his life.

At the age of 17, Boosie found himself locked up on charges related to a stolen car. Facing a 90-day sentence, he had little hope of getting out early. However, it was during this challenging period that Pimp C intervened and extended a helping hand to the young artist.

During the interview, he revealed that he had no prior personal relationship with Pimp C, making the act of kindness even more remarkable. Calling his mother from jail, he learned that someone named Pimp C and his associates were working to secure his release. Excitedly, Boosie confirmed his familiarity with Pimp C's name, recognizing the significance of his involvement.

After a few days, thanks to Pimp C's influential connections, Boosie was able to walk out of jail much sooner than expected. He spent quality time with Pimp C, riding around, sharing meals, and engaging in meaningful conversations. They even hit the studio together, collaborating on several songs. He initially believed Pimp C to be the CEO of Trill Entertainment, the record label he was signed to, due to Pimp C's close association with the group.

Boosie expressed deep admiration for Pimp C, highlighting his undeniable talent and unique singing abilities on songs. He believed that if Pimp C were still alive today, they would be making significant waves in the industry together. Pimp C's impact and influence on Boosie's career were undeniable, and the memory of their time together left a lasting impression on the Baton Rouge rapper.

The relationship between Boosie and Pimp C can be traced back to 2001 when he signed with Pimp's Trill Entertainment. In a previous interview with B High TV, Boosie expressed gratitude towards UGK, the group Pimp C belonged to, for taking him under their wing and providing guidance in the rap game.

Boosie's story serves as a testament to the profound impact Pimp C had on the younger generation of artists. His willingness to extend help and mentorship to a teenage rapper during a difficult time showcases the compassion and genuine care he had for aspiring musicians. Boosie's gratitude towards Pimp C remains unwavering, as he recognizes the invaluable support he received that shaped his life and career.

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