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D. Harmon Drops New Black Anthem

Powerful and timeless music. Those words are fully captured by D. Harmon in his new single 'Noir Sur Noir'. The Luxembourg/Texas Artist teamed up with DMV powerhouse Ciscero to produce a poetic and meaningful song. 'Noir Sur Noir' is French for black on black.

D. Harmon shows how being a multi lingual artist influences his creativity on this one. He starts the song off with a few different French samples tucked neatly underneath the moody beat before going into the hook. Harmon's verse is accented with appropriate sound effects that almost blend in with the beat, pairing with his punchlines effortlessly. Ciscero had an engaging and bouncy flow while delivering hard bars. Both artists delivered something different and strong while telling their stories with ease.

With everything that's been going on in the country and the world alike, this song sheds a little light and truth that makes the song relatable to anyone who has melanin. In a world where dark skin can get you prosecuted and killed, these types of songs are needed. The relatability of music can provide a certain comfort, especially for the ones growing up in this turbulent era.

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