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Jake Lloyd & Deezie Brown Cancel the Met Gala & Bring the "Geto Gala" to Texas

This week's submission from Texas duo, "Geto Gala", is definitely on another level. Members, Jake Lloyd and Deezie Brown, hail from Austin, Texas and have quickly proven themselves to be a pair of slept on gems in the city. In their recent article in the Austin Chronicle, they explain how their theme and duo name of "Geto Gala" came to be:

"It was watching the Met Gala and not understanding how to get an invite: 'What, do I gotta be a celebrity to go?'" he reflects. "So me and Jake wanted to make something that's for everyone, for the people in our communities – your janitors, your construction workers, the people working 9-to-5 – so we can celebrate the hard work we've been doing all year."

They sent over a 5 track self titled project, "Geto Gala" and after listening 3 times through the GMI team agreed that it's solid all the way through. The EP captured us so much context, switching the flow, while keeping the same energy; we even got distracted from writing the article at one point and just started listening intently.

The beat choices, the lyrical content, and melodies were all on point and complimented each other flawlessly. One thing these young Texas artists bring to the table is substance. In today's culture, that's a rare characteristic seen in hip hop and rap. Our favorite tracks (because we couldn't choose one) are "Geto Gala" and "Stella". Check out the album and see which track is your favorite.


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