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Mawii The Nomad Drops His Latest EP "Floating"

Coming out of the concreate jungles of New York, Mawii The Nomad dropped his first solo EP of the year entitled "Floating". This 3 track EP portrays his "cool" demeanor. The piece provides a "laid back" vibe and differs from any of his previous work. Mawii The Nomad, a New York rapper in affiliation with Broad Visions Music Group, is known for being one of the collective's more comical, fun-loving artists. With hits like "Dance", popping off in Austin, Texas, Mawii has definitely built up his reputation as the "funny", ladies man of the group. On October 16th, Mawii dropped his newest EP floating premiering 3 well-crafted and well-thought out tracks encompassing a new, more transparent, side of the New York raised rapper. In the track "Anxiety", he makes mention of past and present events in his personal and love life, stemming from love to lies and betrayal.

Per his usual character, The Nomad flows across beats produced by Austin Producer "Mr. Frosti", keeping his "new school / old school" NY feel applying old school elements with a new school sound. Check out the 3 track EP below and make sure to follow him online!

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