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Upcoming Texas Rapper Ghostboy Jay$ee Flexes With His New Album "New Motive"

Ghostboy Jay$ee hit the GMInfluence pages hard for his first time being featured. The rising Texas artist just dropped entitled 'New Motive'. The album is so hard that you forget he's an independent artist. He kills it with hits that you'd definitely expect to hear banging on the radio. Ghostboy Jay$ee shows his potential to blow mainstream in this recent album. We definitely think this is a project you'll want to check out.

One of our favorite parts about this album is the abundance of story telling regardless of the catchy mainstream style. It's an entertaining album that doesn't lose the aspect of being and feeling authentic. Finding that balance is hard to do for many artists trying to build themselves up while remaining "real" to your audience. After listening to it in its entirety, we walked away feeling like we knew the artist just a bit more. The melodic combinations are prevalent and executed perfectly. You can hear it clearly in our favorite tracks, 'New Motive' and 'No Dummy'. Overall, the album is a must hear. Follow him on Instagram & check it out below

ghostboy jay$see Texas rapper


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