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42 Dugg Offers To Pay NYC Cops's Bills After Suspension

Being a celebrity comes with embracing the people and fans, and that's exactly what rapper 42 Dugg is doing. Being a fan of quads, dirt bikes, tricks and the overall bike culture, 42 Dugg is reaching out to help a NYC cop in need.

Donna Scott, an African American female police officer in New York, was allegedly suspended for riding on the bak of a dirtbike during a party in Brooklyn while she was in uniform. It came to the police department's attention after the civilian took to social media and shared the photo. It was an attempt to praise the police officer for trying to help mend the relationship between cops and civilians by showing friendliness.

“Usually cops and bikers don’t mix, but she actually took the time to get to know us and get a better understanding of the culture. The smile on her face says it all. This was a huge first step to bridging the gap between us,” he wrote. “To the officer who took her time out to understand, thank you on behalf of the entire bike life community.”

Even Def Jam A&R Pedro Genoa voiuched for her, as they both reside in the same neighborhood. Scott joined the force in April of 2019 and was recently assigned to the 83rd Precinct in Brooklyn. The move to suspend her comes as part of a major crackdown on illegal bikes in New York City. Hopefully she gets all the help she can get.


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