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ICEDOUTCOMB Makes Waves with Versatile EP 'Views From Lady Bird Lake

ICEDOUTCOMB (formerly known as Chromeheart Comb) has just released his latest EP titled Views From Lady Bird Lake, and it's a project that's taking the music scene by storm. With a versatile sound that seamlessly blends multiple styles, ICEDOUTCOMB's simplistic flow hits hard in cadence with some of the hardest beats heard in a while. Notable tracks on the EP include "Lightweight" and "Screen."

Originally from Killeen, Texas, Nahome From The Bar (ICEDOUTCOMB) has been working on his craft for over five years. With his recent success in central Texas, he is more than confident that his music and brand can take off in the right direction. As an artist who is passionate about his craft, he is constantly performing at shows, networking, and offering affordable studio time for upcoming artists, providing opportunities that he wished he had when he first started out.

With a desire to have people gravitate towards his music and personality, ICEDOUTCOMB wants to grow his brand 30Below and make it a valuable source of fashion and commodity for people in the area. Views From Lady Bird Lake has been generating buzz and numbers, and he's excited to share his next project, which is set to drop no later than May 11th.


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