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Intruders Shot At Da Baby's Residence

Da Baby is definitely no stranger to controversy. One could even argue his career has been fueled by it. Once again, the 'Bop' rapper finds himself in the spotlight due to extreme circumstances.

The Troutman Police Department responded to a call on the Troutman property around 7:45pm on Wednesday April 13th. Upon arrival and assessment of the situation, they found one victim with a non life-threatening gun wound. He was then transported to the hospital for treatment.

"Due to the ongoing and continuing nature of this investigation, no information as to the names of those involved or the circumstances can be released at this time," the police statement reads. "This is an isolated incident and there is no threat to the community at large."

Seeing as this is not Da Baby's first involvement in a shooting, or with the law, let's hope that this plays out in his favor. More details as the story updates.

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