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Issa Rae Talks Ending Hit TV Series 'Insecure'

The multi talented actor, writer, producer and director Issa Rae has been on the ball lately. She just finalized a new eight-figure TV and film deal under Warner Bros. Studios and has been immersed in a number of different creative projects. But recently on NBC Today, the inspiring creative spoke on the bitter-sweet end of the production on her series 'Insecure.' In an emotional interview, Rae said she was ready to let the show go and that she also knew where and how she wanted it to end.

“I’m definitely ready to let it go. I knew that I wanted to end it after five seasons,” she said. “And I feel like I’m really proud of this season that we’re shooting now. It’s so much fun, and it’s made me appreciate the show in a different way.”

Issa Rae first got her success after going viral in her first web series entitled 'Awkward Black Girl.' The unexpected viral success of something she randomly created undoubtedly surprised the young creative.

“I was complaining a lot about, like, what I wasn’t seeing on TV. And, you know, this was creating a character and a world to be like, if I can do it, and I know mainstream TV can do it,” she said. “And so I was even surprised after the first episode, then I was like, ‘Oh God, I gotta write more and catch up.’”

Click the link below to see more of Issa Rae's interview.


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