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Jay Worthy Brought The City Out For A Night Of Lyricism

Jay Worthy is definitely worthy of his reputation. The California star has been making waves for a while now. With projects with notable artists such as G Perico and Larry June, as well as collabs with top producers like Cardo and The Alchemist, his reputation precedes him.

He definitely brought out all the West Coast vibes that night, as IllManner Shows and YouMade4It brought him out to Antone's Nightclub in Austin. From the artists, to the crowd and venue, everything was moving with the vibe as the night coasted on a high.

The lineup was full of nonstop energy with performances. Every performance was unique, from special guest appearances to dope West Coast inspired bikes as props. You never knew what you were going to get.

With notable performances from artists like Banco and DretheGr8, the energy moved through the crowd like water and everyone was in tune.

Just another successful event curated by IllManner Shows in partnership with YouMade4It. Definitely follow them and keep up with everything happening in Austin.


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