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Lil Wayne Endorses Trump Days Before The Election

Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunechi recently took to Twitter to inform fans of his recent meeting with the POTUS himself, giving high praise to his "Platinum Plan". Lil Wayne's tweet flew straight to the media and hip-hop fans flew straight to the comments.

Earlier this month, Ice Cube revealed to Vibe Magazine that he met with the Trump Administration to discuss his “Contract with Black America.” Shortly after, 50 Cent appeared to endorse Trump (Later backtracking and denying his endorsement of the POTUS). Billionaire rapper Kanye West has publicly been a longtime supporter of the POTUS. With all of these recent interactions with well-known figures in the industry, it leaves us all wondering the same thing, "Does the Don really have an 'in' with rappers?" or is the New Orleans native gearing up to drop some unreleased music. It's a common marketing tactic in the music industry to make controversial events public knowledge to garner the attention of your audience. As the saying goes, "All publicity is good publicity".

Check out the original tweet from Lil Tunechi's page and let us know what you think in the comments.



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