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ProjectBabyJV Delivers A Jaw Dropping Album

Projectbabyjv is easily one of the most impressive independent artists we've come into contact with. Originally hailing from New Orleans, he's now been expanding his brand further since moving to Houston. His new album 'Faceoff' has been garnering attention throughout TX and has been building steadily.

With his blend of trap melodic vocals and story telling that can make you feel as if you were there in the moment, you can hear that his sound has been carefully crafted. The versatility show from song to song is dynamic. If you try to put this artist in a box, or label him one thing, it would be hard to.

With stand out songs like 'Young Gunnas' and 'Hardaway', it's easy to hear Projectbabyjv having a breakout record on the radio. Throughout the project, you get many different types of moods, which shows the extent of his pen game. One of the most important parts of being an artist is staying current while being yourself, and the young Louisiana native has all the elements of a star.

Check out his new album below

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