Texas Artists Are Embracing the Snow & Making the Best of a Precarious Situation.

Valentine's day weekend in Texas was met with an unexpected winter storm warning, put into effect by the National Weather Service. Shortly after lovers took to the gram to display their love and affection, Sunday night was met with freezing temperatures, iced over roads, and rolling blackouts.

Do 512, one of Austin's premiere information sources on events in the city, shared a photo of icy downtown Austin.

While many are scrambling for firewood and waiting hours in line at HEB for water and non-perishable foods, there are a few optimistic creatives in the city who are making the best out of this icy situation.

In order to make light of an unpredictable situation, Good Music Influence decided to check in on some of the artists, creatives and CEOs in Austin, TX to see how they've turned the day around into their own personal winter wonderland!

Dashawn Daniels, musical artist and one half of the Austin-based duo "Tribe Mafia", came out to gaze at the snow-lit sky in a fashionable, medium-brown, men's peacoat, matched with a scarf that gave us the iconic "Burberry Tartan" pattern feel.

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