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Lebron James Is Remaking The 'House Party' Movie

SpringHill Company, a company owned by Lebron James, is reviving a Hip Hop classic from over 30 years ago. House Party starring Kid N Play, Martin Lawrence and more is in the works of being revitalized in an upcoming reboot of the 90's classic. James has always been a big fan and supporter of the original series and will serve as a producer on the reimagined version.

There's been a few different rumors about who would be starring in a remake of this caliber. When it comes to classic movie reboots, the roles given are even more imperative to get right than under normal circumstances. Rising actors Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and Tosin Cole are reportedly in talks to take on the lead roles.

Grammy Award winning director Calmatic will be providing his expertise as director. The script was written by Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori, who also wrote Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' TV series. It seems as thought Lebron is trying to make his way into Hollywood. Once his season on the hardwood finishes, James will be starring in the highly antipated Space Jam sequel. The blockbuster hits theaters on July 16.


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