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Jaleel White Claims He Wasn't Accepted By Family Matters Cast

One of the top series of the 90's, Family Matters took the television industry by storm. Millions of people tuned in to watch the quirky and hilarious nerdy neighbor exchange comedic whims with his his neighbors, The WInslows. Even though the family show exuded love, understanding, and values, Jaleel White is about to shock you with a few revelations. White played the character of Steve Urkel from his teenage years into his adulthood. Still to this day, people ask him to say his signature line, "Did I do that?"

In a clip from White's upcoming appearance on TV One's Uncensored, the TV star recalls not being accepted when he first came onto the series. "I was not welcome to the cast at all," White claims. Urkel quickly became the most popular character on the show, even though it was supposed to be a short lived role. “It was supposed to only be a guest spot... One and done.”

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment back in February, White was asked if he would be open to a Family Matters reboot. The actor was unsure if Urkel would work today. "Well, you know, I have some things that I would love to do with the legacy," White said months ago. "I think the safest place to start with would be an adequate reunion if one were to be arranged... I personally don't believe there's a modern-day Urkel. I just-- I don't. That's like saying, is there a modern-day Pee-Wee Herman or a modern-day Ed Grimly? You know, those characters are almost just burned in time. I don't want to see it explored for what it could be now."

The full interview drops on May 9th on Uncensored. Check the short preview of the interview below.

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