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Jay Dey's New Release Is A Big Vibe

Jay Dey is definitely a hidden gem in the underground music scene from San Marcos. Coming out of hiatus and breaking his silence, he's kicking the door down and making his way back on the music scene. He joins the GMI pages for the first time with his new single 'Kick It' and its a bop.

He reached out to the west coast and linked up with San Diego artist Reaux Sentirsi for some nice vocals on the hook. Jay slides in with blunt and straightforward verses that sets the tone as an upbeat smooth jam. He gets absolutely honest in his lyrics. a hard attribute to come by in artists in times now. Reaux makes the hook come alive with simple but hard hitting melodies. The harmonic undertones provided throughout the song was a subtle but put strong emphasis on the overall vibe.

Overall, the song is fun and enjoyable. You can jam it on a late night drive, or just chilling at the house to get your mind relaxed.

Notable Lines: "We pullin up together, thats his and thats hers/ Broke bi****s pressed, they ain't gettin this purse/ Spreading hella rumors lookin for that dirt/ But we laughin at 'em while we travel to Turks"

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