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Summer Walker Teases Her New Album Date

Fans of Summer Walker have been asking the young songstress for a new album for awhile now. Although Walker has been pretty silent, she's definitely been working behind the scenes on new music. Over the past few weeks, she's been talking about new music coming soon, but she took to instagram to confirm it.

On her way to the Atlanta Falcons game, Summer shared a silly video of her buckling her hard drive into the seat, and making sure it arrived at the stadium safely. She also appeared on the jumbotron during the game, which also brought her to the forefront of the stadium's attention.

Walker got two jerseys from the Atlanta Falcons: one with her name and the number eleven, and another saying "Hard Drive" with the number five. People have been entertaining themselves by theorizing that Walker's upcoming album will be released on November 5. In addition, the date would match up with Summer's previous claims that the project would be dropping within the next 30days.

One thing we know about LVRN, is that they'll always give prime promotion in all aspects of their artists' rollouts. Stay tuned for more on Summer Walker's next album as she continues to release for details to the world.


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